Local Organising Committee

Professor Marty Gregg (Queen’s University Belfast) is a Professor of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science. His primary research interests are in nanoscale ferroelectrics and he leads a vibrant and growing team working in this field.

Professor Mike Coey (Trinity College Dublin) is currently Professor Emeritus Erasmus Smith’s Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy (2007–2012), a chair that dates from 1724. Recognised as a distinguished European specialist in magnetic materials; internationally he continues to be a leader in the field of magnetism.

Professor Brian Rodriguez (University College Dublin) is one of the leading academics in the Nanoscale Function Group in UCD. He is an acknowledged expert in scanning probe microscopy and piezoresponse force microscopy of ferroelectric materials, polar nitride semiconductors, and biological systems.

Professor Andy Bell (University of Leeds) holds a chair in Electronic Materials. He is a leader in the science and engineering of ferroelectric materials and is noted for his optimisation of these systems for industrial applications.

Professor Marin Alexe (University of Warwick) holds a chair in the Department of Physics in Warwick and is globally renowned for his research in nanoscale complex oxides. Recently, he has been a key player in the renaissance of experimental explorations of photovoltaic properties in ferroelectrics.

Dr Amit Kumar (Queen’s University Belfast) is a lecturer of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science. His primary research interests are in nanoscale ferroelectric phenomena and functional imaging using scanning probe microscopy.

Dr Ray McQuaid (Queen’s University Belfast) is a lecturer in Condensed Matter Physics. His research to date has primarily concerned mapping and understanding the properties of nanoscale single crystal ferroelectrics. Most recently, he has become interested in the role that domain walls may have in controlling thermal transport at the nanoscale.

Dr Solveig Felton (Queen’s University Belfast) is a lecturer in materials science in Belfast. Her research focuses on magnetic properties of materials, ranging from magnetic microscopy techniques to macroscopic measurements using SQUID magnetometry.

Dr. Lynette Keeney (Tyndall National Institute-UCC) is a Royal Society-Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellow focussing on the synthesis and understandings of room temperature multiferroic thin films. Current work centres on exploring how sub-unit cell characteristics influence multiferroic behaviour and if these fascinating multiferroic properties can persist at very small (< 10nm) dimensions.

International Advisory Board Members

Jirka Hlinka (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
Pavlo Zubko (University College London, UK)
Andrea Caviglia (Delft University of Technology)
Laurent Bellaiche (University of Arkansas, USA)
Neil Mathur (University of Cambridge, UK)
John Baniecki (Fujitsu Laboratories, Japan)
Dan Allwood (University of Sheffield, UK)
Manuel Bibes (Unite Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales, France)
Dennis Meier (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
Jan Seidel (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Lane Martin (University of California Berkeley, USA)
Pu Yu (Tsinghua University, China)
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb (Georgia Tech. USA)
Hiroshi Funakubo (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Andrew Rappe (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Mathias Klaui (University of Mainz, Germany)
Jacob Jones (North Carolina State University, USA)
Ian Reaney (University of Sheffield, UK)
Evgeny Tsymbal (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)
Matt Rosseinsky (University of Liverpool, UK)